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Summer time!!!

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  • Summer time!!!

    It's summer time! Yay Summer!

    You've bought a JEEP WRANGLER. A vehicle the comes with a Mopar warning label that says: "Handle with caution: Contains Awesomeness"

    It's that time of year where you can show off to THAT guy.

    -- you know the one... He's that guy with the spray tan who greets you every morning with a hearty "good morning sir/ma'am" at the front desk. He's the one that drives the rusty 1999 Honda Civic with a brand new huge spoiler, tin can muffler and a sound system that occupies his entire trunk space -- but he still thinks he's cooler than you.
    Yeah... you know him, because you don't overlook him, in spite of you wanting to kill him, your heart is not filled with hate, it is filled with kittens... so you just smile back and reply: "Have a nice day... somewhere else."

    -- You know... he picks on you about your gas mileage, canvas top in the wintertime, or calls your jeep "silver" and not "billet" -- no matter how many cupcakes you bring him.

    Oh yeah... we all know THAT guy.

    Somehow their lowered civic didn't need to be pulled out over the winter from being stuck, perhaps he didn't notice as to why you don't need to shovel your driveway all winter in spite of the recent 3' of snow that fell overnight -- perhaps you will be able to show them what owning a jeep is all about in summer!

    You have the unique ability out of most vehicle on the road to not only take the top off entirely, but take the doors off as well! What other vehicle on the road can you safely ride around in and feel a breeze from the tip your toes and into your shorts and past your...

    ...let's just say you can feel the breeze EVERYWHERE!

    Unfortunately, it's not as easy as taking the screws off the hinges. We're based out of New York, we have a lot of two things -- taxes and LAWS.

    While driving with the doors off is perfectly legal, driving without mirrors is not.

    To see how your vehicle should be equipped: Click here

    Pay particular attention to this:

    10-a. It shall be unlawful after July first, nineteen hundred sixty-seven to operate on any public highway in this state any motor vehicle registered in this state, manufactured or assembled on or after such date, and designated as a nineteen hundred sixty-eight or later model, unless such vehicle is equipped with an adjustable side view mirror which shall be affixed to the left outside of such vehicle and which shall be adjustable so that the operator of such vehicle may have a clear view of the road and condition of traffic on the left side and to the rear of such vehicle.

    I.E. -- you need two mirrors. One on your windshield, another on your driver side.

    Feel free to discuss -- what do you use on your jeep when you take the doors off?



    -- or it didn't happen.

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