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  • Next question. :)

    Crown automotive SYE and Tom Woods driveshaft. Who in the area would you recommend to do the work. Watched the videos. Don't have a garage or 4 sets of hands.

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    You could try Kevin Ralston at Off Road Upfitters, but not sure he does mechanical work like SYE. If not try 4xHeaven in Gloversville he buys and sells transfer cases. He should do it. Board Member.
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      Thank you. I'll give 4x heaven a call.


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        So I went to 4xHeaven in Gloversville because Vince said he wanted to take it for a drive. I'm expecting him to say Yup-SYE and rear drive shaft but after driving it he says he thinks the vibration is coming from the front. Asks me if I've pulled the front driveshaft, which I havent at that point so I follow his suggestion and pulled the front driveshaft today. Took it out on the highway and smooth as silk up to 85 (couldnt go any faster). Vibration before was enough to make anything viewed in the rearview mirror unrecognizable because of high frequency vibration. So now its rebuild the driveshaft. Gonna check out youtube or just bring it to him and have him do it. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.


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          Just got the front driveshaft back. Balanced and installed. Took it out for a drive no vibration. Vince knows his stuff.


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            Good to hear! thanks for the update Skip! A good review goes a long way...
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