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  • Transmission pan

    My transmission pan took a hit, (little dent) enough have some fluid leaking through the gasket. Thinking of going to napa for new pan, seal and filter. Was wondering if anyone knows if this will change the capacity of transmission fluid. Auto transmission of course.

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    For the most part the pan should retain the same capacity. If it turns out the pan they sell is a new revision with larger capacity ( what happened with my TJ) then just fill until the dipstick says full.
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        So for the new pan,filter and gasket. Thinking of drilling a hole in the old pan before removing it to empty it being careful to just puncture the pan. save on messing up the driveway. Thoughts?


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          Ok. Pan empty. Removing bolts (10mm heads) and at least one is rusty enough to round off. Tools for removing? Also looking for replacement bolts for entire pan and can't find them online. Looked for parts fiche and can't find one where info on bolts are listed. Anyone know exact dimensions for size, pitch and length? Are they all the same size? TIA.