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Armory Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat of Albany - I do not recommend

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  • Armory Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat of Albany - I do not recommend

    So, last Thursday morning, my Jeep wouldn't start. I have a long term warranty, so I jump started it, and drove it to Armory Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat of Albany. I was given a loaner for no charge (covered by ext warr) and left my Jeep at the dealership. On Friday, they diagnosed the issue as a bad battery, replaced the battery, and charged me for the work. Friday afternoon, I paid for everything and left with my Jeep running. I even paid for the core of the old battery so that I could take the 9 month old (Sam's Club) "bad" battery with me. I took the old battery to Sam's Club, where they tested it and it came back as good, which meant that I could not ask Sam's Club to refund my money for the battery (which is under warranty). I then took the old battery to Advanced Auto Parts and they tested it twice and it came back as good both times. Knowing that the old battery was "good", I put it back in my Jeep on Friday evening. My Jeep has started and run perfectly since I put the old battery back in. This morning, I took the battery tests that showed the old battery was still good and went to talk to the the Service Manager at Armory. Without even seeing me, the Service Manager offered to refund $200 of the $300 total that I had paid on Friday. I asked what the $100 charge was for and he said it was for the diagnosis since my ext warr only covered diagnosis when it led to a warranty repair, which a battery is not. I told him that I would not be paying for a diagnosis that was obviously incorrect. I let him know that the "bad" battery had been in my Jeep since Friday evening and there were no issues. Long story short, I ended up telling him to stop talking, he told me that the dealership wasn't even supposed to work on "modified" Jeeps. I informed him that I would be charging back the total bill on my credit card and that he would never see my Jeep at the dealership again. I have never charged anything back on my cc before and I hate to now. I went there to talk and have the situation fixed in person. As you can guess, I will never be going back to Armory. My friends can make their own judgement, but I recommend that you look elsewhere for sales and service of any and all Jeep vehicles. The 3 results from having the old battery tested are in the pic.
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  • janderson
    One thing I've learned over the years is - all dealerships are dicey. They're NOT out for your well being, or to save you cash. They are their to make a profit. Some have no problem burning you to do so. Sorry you had to go through all this!

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