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Inferior vehicle rescue party

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  • Inferior vehicle rescue party

    With the winter (and the holiday season) approaching, our thoughts often turn to those less fortunate than us - people in need of help, those who could use a hand.

    I am speaking of course about those people who don't have Jeeps LOL.

    I love helping folks get their cars unstuck when it snows. A lot of the time it just takes a push (by hand), sometimes a tug on the tow rope. I am guessing that maybe some of the rest of us here do the same sort of thing.

    Dunno if it is feasible, but maybe we could organize a bit of a roving rescue party for a snowy day. The logistics of snowstorms (and peoples' availability) make organization somewhat tricky, so I am unsure of Meetup would necessarily be the best way to go or not.

    Anyone interested in such an endeavor? If so reply to this thread and maybe we can put together a basic plan!

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    I like the idea. It's something we've discussed. I believe we tabled it based on the liability that we could incur should there be an accident.


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      Ah - yes I can see how that would be a concern!


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        Originally posted by Nor'Easter View Post
        Ah - yes I can see how that would be a concern!
        Yeah its amazing how the gov/law/etc can take really good intentions and get you in a heap of trouble.... First world problems! lol Love where your hearts at man! Help thy fellow man! - Founder
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