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  • Hi from Albany

    Hi Folks,

    After four months of considering Jeeps - I saw the 2015 Rubicon Hard Rock on a used lot last week, and had to buy it right away. They were Ford dealers and couldn't tell me much about how to operate it, but I'm picking up what I can from youtube videos.

    I took it up to Tolmantown road near Shaker Mountain (I saw it mentioned in a Wranglerforum thread) - and while it started out well (just a sign that said 'use road at own risk', perfect!!) - but, soon there were No Trespassing signs showing up everywhere. Like, every tenth tree had a sign. So I finally retreated but not before splashing in some mud puddles.

    My main goal now is to find newbie trails I can roll around on within an hour of Albany, without paying an arm and a leg or being chased off by an angry Mr. Jenkins.

    Anyhow, this seems like a great community and I'll definitely be at the next beginner meet! Thanks for reading and I hope you had a lot more fun than I did today!(Ok I still had fun)
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    Hello there!. Wow, you found somewhere local-ish to ride. I've been looking. Think I was in the same boat when I bought my jeep in may. Saw it online and had to test drive asap and bought that day


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      Hey man, yeah I went a bit crazy this last weekend since the weather was so nice. What I've been doing is using Google maps to scan for logging roads, anything with two dirt ruts visible.

      What I've learned is, New York has basically made it illegal to offroad anywhere that isn't your own land, or a couple parks (that can cost 85 for a day, somehow). But you probably knew that. With the DEC run state forests, since I saw a lot of contradicting opinions on whether that was allowed, I went and found an amazing mud trail with no signs. Then I called and they said yeah, sorry but not allowed. So that's out.

      I don't know how close you are to VT, but they have a much better setup. Class 4 roads are basically all great for offroad, and as far as I know they're legal to drive on. Supposedly they have 2000 miles of them.


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        Yeahhhhhhhhhhh NY sucks for "freelance-offroading" Most of us are a hour or so from Vermont depending on which part of VT. We travel to a few trails in VT here and there.. But usually stick to our friendly offroad parks/trails. Keep an eye on out Meetup page. we have some trips coming up very soon.
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          Will do. I have some trips this month so an easy install CB would be ideal so I can make it to the 101 meet. Any opinions on whether the magnetic antennas will suffice to get me going? Stringing a wire/drilling is not something I'm really looking to do right now.

          A word on the VT trails. I know people don't hand out trail locations online and I can kinda see why. The trail I scouted was very remote and wound closely through some (basically shanty) houses and RVs - the few people I did see seemed nice and they waved, though I couldn't help but feel like I was intruding. It felt a little like being in another country, to be dramatic about it. So I'll be looking carefully on the googlemaps for dwellings before the next time out, I'd rather not disturb anyone or block their road into town.
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            One of my friends that hooked me back into Jeeps, drives to VT. Nothing crazy as he had gone solo and was also doing photography. But like you said, that does seem to be the place to go. Im still blown away by the lack of legal offroading trails here. Of course, never cared until i purchased me Jeep but always assumed there would be more. I'm not looking to destroy land but would be nice to offroad into a mountain and see the sites,


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              Yeah, I pictured the Adirondacks having hundreds of roads... I think we all assume that before buying the Jeep. I also didn't try to confirm whether it was true because I didn't want any information to dissuade me by that point, haha.