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  • Winch advice needed

    I'm looking for some advice on getting a good winch. This will be my first modification to my Rubicon recon. The front bumper came from the factory winch ready so I figured it was a good place to start. For Christmas I got a few gift certificates to quadratec and was looking at buying the warn VR10-S. Anyone have any experience with this model or have any input? Here's the link
    Thanks, Corey

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    Warn is a good winch, a bit over priced in my opinion. You can't go wrong with the Warn. That being said. I have the Quadratec Q-9000 on both my jeeps. The one on my JK is 4 years old, and has many, many pulls on it. Pulled a lot of vehicles that were much heavier than my JK. It's a great winch. And comes at a reasonable cost. If you have a JK you can get by with a 9000 lb. If you have a JKU you're better off with a 11000 lb. Board Member.
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      Thank you for the reply. There's only a 100$ difference between the 10s and the 12s, perhaps the 12s is the way to go? Hopefully that would bolt straight into my bumper as they claim to be winch ready. I'll look Into the quadratec winch as well for the price. Thanks again, Corey


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        Corey - I have a '15 HR and I believe you have the same bumper that I have. The bumper is "winch ready", but you will still need a winch mounting plate. There are different brands.....Mopar, Rock Hard, Maximus, etc.

        There are various choices out there and the price for what you need is more than a little shocking (~$2-300) just for the winch plate and needed accessories. I just called Quadratec and told them I had a 10A bumper and needed a winch plate for the winch that I was buying, which just happened to be a Q-tec 11500 winch ( It sits deep in the deep that I can't even get a cover on it.
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          I looked at a few of the mounting plates and liked the reviews for the maximus. I ordered the warn vr12-s but unfortunately it's not in stock at the moment. I don't understand why the mounting bracket is so expensive but I've got some time before I need to order it. More importantly I need to come up with a build list. Thanks again, Corey


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            You won't be disappointed with the Warn. But, Quadratec winches are very respectable and more reasonably priced. If money was not a question, I'd buy a Warn. Otherwise, I'd get the Quadratec.


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              I'm only getting the warn because I got a couple gift cards to quadratec for Christmas otherwise I'd be bargain hunting. I called and used the cdjw promo code after i had ordered the winch so I'm waiting to see if it's to late.