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Simple upgrade for your Jeep JK with the 3.8

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  • Simple upgrade for your Jeep JK with the 3.8

    Many of you have heard about the upgrade on the throttle body.
    I purchased this upgrade at the advise of Kevin (very smart guy) and now have some good information.
    After 3 months I can verify that on the highway my mileage increased from 18 to 21 mpg.
    In the city it fluctuates due to idling, warm up, and such so I will not comment on this.
    The upgrade is EXTREMELY simple and takes about 15 minutes.
    The Mopar part number is 53032837AB
    You can find them brand new around $150 and used from 40 to 100.
    You may even be able to pull one from a junkyard yourself.
    I would also recommend getting a coupler your local part store to go from the new larger bore to your factory intake (3 inch to 2.5 inch).
    These can be purchased at your local part store and run around $10 to $15.
    I hope this helps....BTW everyone says it sounds awesome.

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    I was looking at one from airaid. The thing is with these,though. if you do just the spacer and nothing else you're not getting the full benefit of the product. if you actually want a noticeable amount of power for compensation of tires/lift/heavier modifications you really need a new intake with less restrictions,a tune and an exhaust. the throttle body spacer only ties all of those together.

    I've done a ton of homework with bolt on modifications with my Subaru. every one of the parts help a little bit but if you get all of them with a new tune to compliment the new products with new AF ratio you will notice a lot.

    It's all in moderation of course, one step at a time. intake being the last because messing with AF without a tune is bad too lean and hurt the motor.

    Also, yours is a 3.8? I thought I was the only unlucky sap who ended up with the bigger underpowered engine. *highfive* - here's to trying to get power out of it
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