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Free: set of 5 Hankook DynaPro MT 31x10.5R15 on black steel rims for TJ

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  • Free: set of 5 Hankook DynaPro MT 31x10.5R15 on black steel rims for TJ

    I used to go to the meetups like 2 years ago but stopped offroading. I hung on to my Jeep as a second vehicle but only just now bought some nice street tires and alloy wheels for it, and I figured I'll just donate my offroad wheels to someone who could use them. Bolt pattern is for a TJ. I forget what the backspacing is but they stick out from the fenders a bit, I'll include a photo of them on my Jeep for reference. The picture of them off my Jeep is from today and you can see there's lots of tread on them. It'd be cool if you can pick them up here in Scotia).-Mike

    Update: GONE.
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    A close friend of mine just bought a 2002 TJ last week and is planning to build it. He just joined the club yesterday and is going to TinTeepee with us in August. I'd love to grab these for him to help his build progress! Email sent.
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      Good to hear from you Mike, hope you're doing good. Sorry to hear you're giving up wheeling. We still do a lot of meet ups without wheeling. I'm sure a lot of old timers would be glad to see you again. Board Member.
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        I stopped in and grabbed these, along with plenty of other goodies, from Mike a couple days ago. I'd like to issue one more HUGE thank you to him! The generosity of people in this club is staggering. You made someones day with your kindness!