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***** PROBLEM 3spd Auto Transmission 32RH PROBLEM *****

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  • ***** PROBLEM 3spd Auto Transmission 32RH PROBLEM *****

    I have a 1999 TJ that went for a swim. The tranny sucked in water from the vent line. The very next day I dropped the pan and changed the filter sprayed the hell out of it with brake cleaner. There was some residue on the magnet of the pan and in the pan itself. Not sure if it was sand or metallic or both. The pieces were very tiny shavings . After cleaning the debris, I then reassembled the pan and topped off with fresh fluid. I then disconnected the return line from the rad and connected a 5 gallon pale. I ran the jeep through each gear flushing all fluid while adding fresh fluid. The fluid went from a milky substance to a deep red by the time I completed the flush. This flush took about 5 gallons of type III and 2 bottles of Lucas.

    The problem i am having now is that the transmission will not shift from second into third gear. It goes from first to second smoothly. Also, in 4wd the transmission does not shift out of first gear. 4L seems to have no problem with shifting. When I test drive the jeep now, the engine overheats. Maybe poor circulation from the tranny or high RPM from driving in 2nd about 2500? The circulation seemed to gush out when I did the flush.

    Now I read that the water could have separated the adhesive from the clutch plates? Could have stretched the bands? Maybe the valve body is clogged with a piece of sand? The solenoid could have been affected by the water? Transmission Control Module maybe?

    Before looking to do a complete rebuild, I was thinking about maybe doing several more flushes and replacing the solenoid. Maybe spraying out the valves.

    What are some thoughts or ideas that may be out there for this issue? Anyone have a tranny if I need one?
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    well your 32RH is the precursor to my 42rle which I am very familiar with.

    first off disconnect your battery and let the computer reset.
    hopefully you can get the transmission to go into relearn mode which will help if free any stuck solenoids.

    second thing i would do is block the wheels, pull youre ebrake and put the thing in drive and let it sit there for a while.

    This will get the fluid flowing with out any gears moving, hopefully if there is sand in the lines you may free it.

    Third i would recommend at least temporary installing a magnetic transmission filter

    this has a huge magnet and a paper medium to catch any sand or debris that is inside.

    and maybe shake the tranny up a big - go over some bumps or drive over a log or something - see if you can free any suck debris.

    if that doesn't work you may be looking at a replacement.
    may want to consider a 42rle swap as its 4 speed as well.
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      Great suggestions. Going to try them today. Will advise

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        I am looking for a shop to rebuild a automatic transmission for me . 6cyl 3 speed 32RH. Or looking for a remanufactured to have someone install. Anyone in my area 12188 interested? Any suggestions on shops? I saw that I can get a refurbished one online for 1500.00
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          How did you make out with this?
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            Hi jay, hope all is well. I ended up having the transmission rebuilt. A costly mistake. Even after flushing it myself there was still a lot of sand and water in it. It all came through the breather tube which i had relocated to the top of my firewall. Hopefully that will keep the foreign debris out

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              I been meaning to actually touch base with you. I just installed my cb radio and am told by everyone that your the man to go to to tune the antenna. Let me know if you are interested in helping and i can stop by

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