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Replacing axle assembly

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  • Replacing axle assembly

    So I have desided that I'm gOing to keep my jeep and build it up as a winter/ offroad truck. ... so my question is how hard is it to replace your axle assembly if I were to buy a danna 44 with 410 gears. For the front and rear.... the bolt ok kit.... you can even get the ford 8.8 ready to bolt on for cheeper with lockers....... but how hard is it todo the work..... this is nothing I wanna do anytime soon ..... ill be buying peace by peace and then put it all on at one time...

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    I use to work for an auto parts supplier. We sold recycled parts nationwide, in 4 years I never saw a Jeep axle. They are extremely rare, buying used. Buying new or remanufactured may cost more than your jeeps worth. That being said if you can find one, actually two. The install should be easy. Board Member.
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      Well quadratec has them expensive. $2600 ? But I found a site that sells rebuilt ford 8.8 all welded to bolt on a jeep tj... for $700.... depending on what you want after that it goea up..... gears lockers ex......


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        I know a lot of people do junkyard builds where they will get axles off of older vehicles for cheap and set them up for TJ's. I never owned a TJ so I don't really know an specifics but it's another thing to look into.

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          That would be the best but I have no fab skills. I would like to do the work my self if I can gwt all bolt on with the help of cdjw.... but this is far in the future.


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            I tried to buy some Chevy 1 tons off Craigslist a couple weeks ago but they were sold the day before. I'm doing the one piece at a time thing too.

            If you find some you want, all you need is to weld on spring and shock mounts. I'm sure you can find someone to do that.
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