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    At Mettowee, a guy told me he picked upa YJ frame for like $500.00 bucks.. If I could find a good frame that wasnt too bad for that much money, I would love to rig up a project Jeep. Would be much more willing to thrash my ride if it wasnt my daily driver. Pipe dreams are fuN!!!! - Founder
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    Re: project

    The best way to build a project jeep. Find a model you like (I prefer older Flat fender, or CJ-5's) because of the 81" wheelbase. They are great for tight spaces. CJ-7's, YJ's have longer wheelbases they ride a lot better. TJ's and JK's of coarse have coil springs and ride great. Now find a Jeep you can afford, make sure the frame is good , solid and straight. That's the most important thing. If its running and everything works go four wheel it. Figure out what it's weaknesses are and what you like or dislike about it. Than start your list of things you need and or want for it. Keep four wheeling fix and or improve what breaks or what you afford a little at a time and enjoy it as you go. To start with just a frame and build is also good but it will cost you a lot and waste a lot of time you could use four wheeling. I've built four Jeeps from the ground up, and replace a bent frame on one. It's a ton of work, and besides the cost of major parts ( motor, trans, transfercase, and rearends. you'd be surprised how you'll get nickeled and dimed to death. As a side bar the CJ-5 from 1966-1971 came with a 225 cu in V-6. I love that motor perfect for a light Jeep 155hp and enough torque to go anyplace but not enough to break parts. They run forever you just can't kill them. A well set upped V-6 CJ-5 will do anything you could possibly want. My second choice would be a 1972-1974 CJ-5 they came stock with Dana 44's and a 304 V-8". Great Jeep!!! I do like the newer TJ's but still a lot of money to bang around in the woods. Board Member.
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